Objects- Mid- Century Glamping

In San Diego we are lucky to have beautiful weather all year long. This leads to a uniquely San Diegean method of designing/ decorating where the lines between inside and outside are blurred. My particular favorite variation on this design direction is a blend between Mid- Century modern and Vintage camping. Think of it as if Donald Draper and Jeremiah Johnson had a love child.

Glamping( Glamorous Camping) + Mid-Century Modern( A design style of the mid 20th- century, in a modernest vein) = Mid- Century Glamping. 

01.Salvaged Wood Chandelier                                                 02. Handmade Copper Cup
03. Chemex 10 Cup Coffee Maker                                          04. Pacific Furniture Service Wall Clock
05. Industry of All Nations- Panamerica Chair.                      06. Best Made Co. Lincoln Felling Axe
07. Pour- Over Kettle                                                              08. Fabien Cappelo Chrismas Tree Stool
09. Ceder Rope Swing                                                            10. Kinfolk Mag. Vol. 7
11. Gather Journal Vol. 2                                                        12. Whole Larder Love
13. Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag                                                14. Edison MFG. Co. Pendleton Pillow
15. Campfire Cologne                                                             16. Baxter of Cali. Comb
17. Union Leather Works Comb Sleeve                                 18. Pendleton SW Contemporary Throw
19. Object & Totem Ceramic Jug                                           20. Tivoli Audio Model Two
21. Buckthorn Wooden Slingshot                                           22.Field Notes California Edition
23. Field Notes Archive Box                                                  24. Yosemite Map Bandana


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