DEUS EX MACHINA makes the funnest looking scramblers around. The last time I was on a scrambler it ended in mad burns going up my calf when I drove the thing into the side of a garage. I was left picking the scab for weeks. Should've learned my lesson, but I figured chicks hop on bikes with next to nothing on and don't end up burned...

01. RAEN- Garwood Sunglasses                                02. Battenwear- Five Pocket Island Shirt

03. Dixon Rand- Sailors Knapsack                             04. Deus Ex Machina- Emporium tee

05. Vans- Chukka Decon                                             06. Apolis- Chambray Boardshort

08. Bitwell- "Bonanza" Helmet                                   07. Deus Ex Machina- Drover's Dog Bike


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