SD Style- Workwear Chic

Indigo was first used by Japanese peasants in  the 17th century because silk was reserved for nobility and of all the natural dye's available to the working class the only one that stuck to their cotton clothing was Indigo. Today its the dye stuff that symbolizes the hard working spirit of America and American work wear.

01. Brixton "Tiller" Hat                     02. OrSlow Utility Jacket               03. Raen "Volant" Sunglasses

04. Block Shop Indigo Herringbone Scarf                                05. Levi's Made & Crafted "Bliss" Shirt

06. Chris Van Veghel Pop-Up Bag                        07. American Apparel Button Up Long Denim Skirt

                             08. Nixon "Bobbi" Watch                 09. Frye "Dakota Wedge" Boots


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