SD Style: Indigo Lemonade

I love Lemonade. Especially when it's made from the lemons that you picked ( I'm talking about off the tree, not from the grocery store). When I was a kid we lived on an orchard with 42 lemon trees. I used to put on my OshKosh B'Gosh overalls to help Mom make lemonade pretending I was Tom Joad. Lemonade hasn't tasted sweet since...

01. Raen- Flowers Sunglasses   02. The Hillside- White Flowers Bandana

03. Levi's Made & Crafted- One Pocket Tee   04. Home Made Lemonade   05. Chimala- Overalls

06. Watering Pail   07. Triton Cafe x Works & Labo.- Sailcloth Bag   08. Birkenstock- Gizeh Sandles


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