Sounds: Earl Sweatshirt

My buddies and I went shred sledding through LA last weekend, between sessions a stop by Supreme was in order; side - note, don't go to Supreme the day they drop a new collab, unless you like baking in line for an hour or so. Anyhow these skate trips have been going on for like a decade now and every single time there is some debate on whose new part from the last video is best, who used the best music, etc. This particular weekend it was a debate on the state of RAP in today's music market. I wont bore you with the details, how a group of skinny white boy's can debate on Rap still baffles my mind. ANYHOW, the one thing we could all agree on was that Earl Sweatshirt is KILLING IT! Like have you heard "Chum" or "Whoa" yet? There F@#king brilliant. Earl's flowing like a young Gang Starr who grew up skating in So Cal rather than the ghetto of Boston.

Geeking over that? Listen to his old shit.

Hopeful his new full- length LP will drop soon so I can pick up my one yearly Rap record purchase.


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