SD Style: Sidewalk Safari

I just finished The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemmingway. Its such a rad short story by the master of short stories. The downside of reading anything Hemmingway is that I get hit with a sudden urge to go have my own adventures. So I've decided to go on Safari, but this isn't Africa(unless I sneak out to the San Diego Safari Park) that and senseless killing(via firearms) is WAY outdated. So its going to be a Hipster Safari, ie. taking pictures with my Polaroid of random stuff...

01. Lunettes Kollektion- Fare Bella Figura Sunglasses   02. Stanley & Sons- Woven Leather Tote

03. Madewell- Silk Roll-Sleeve Top   04. Barbour Gold Label- Daisy Jacket

05. Impossible Project- SLR 680 Polaroid Camera   06. Apiece Apart- Shirred Freja Skirt

07. Mikael Kennedy- Hunt them Out   08. Impossible Project- 680 color film

09. Left Hand- Leather Sandals


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