Some people like conserving energy. Some people like conserving their beauty. Some like conserving water. I like conserving, my money…that’s right!  Girlfriend can’t live the American dream in Cali without knowing the secret shopping havens right here in San Diego. The thrill of feeling like a million bucks without spending a thousand is absolutely invigorating and could have serious side effects similar to any other substance abuse addiction. No, but really let me show you what I’m talking about because you’re about to become a frugal fashionista via Barney’s New York after I let you in on a few of my favorite San Diego spots!

While this place is a bit hard to find downtown and parking can be a bit of a bear they have quite a selection of designer handbags that are certainly lust-worthy! We’ve picked our top four picks from their current selection including the classic Hermes Birkin in traditional orange for a cool $16K but, don’t be fooled by the Holy Hermes price tag. The folks at ALG are also open to offers---girlfriend you’d be crazy not to make an offer at this price, let’s just be straight considering, they range from $8K-$12K for a basic Birkin at Hermes. However, if you’re miss antsy pants and can’t stand waiting a year then hello, Authentic Luxury Goods!

Alas, I’m a bit biased when it comes to Designer Vault. It’s definitely a little piece of heaven for the fashionista who has a love obsession with designers from Isabel Marant, Raquel Allegra, Chanel, Dior, Louboutn, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton to Miu Miu and the like. All items on Designer Vault are carefully curated and it shows  you won’t find your Grandma’s dusty duds on this site. Designer Vault is the modern girl’s go to consignment spot. The best part? After you've shopped your ass off and you're one and done with that Herve Leger just like last weeks boyfriend you can call up Designer Vault and they will come to your house, take last week's news, sell them and give you 60% of the final selling price. Talk about a win-win, you may even make money after your deal breaking excursion!

Some of the deals that can be found here are literally heart stopping, roll on the ground, scream profanity, INSANE! It’s no lie I’ve found Yves Saint Laurent pumps here for just $79! I’d normally tell you the proof is in the pudding but the proof is truely on the sole (see above)! The best time to get the best deals is Tuesday morning when they put out all the new merchandise but, you’re even better having a friend a friend who works at Nordstrom Rack to snag the best shoes beforehand as employees have a well-known reputation for purchasing these “worn & refinished” shoes before they ever hit the shelves. Smh, and 30% off just wasn’t enough was it? We’re still reconsidering a part time gig at Nordstrom to support our deadly shopping addiction.

This could very well be one of the best-kept secrets in San Diego. So who knew Alaia, Fendi, Chloe, Marni, Louboutin, Celine, Givenchy lived between the Flower Fields and Lego Land? Oh and did I mention the last time I checked out this place they had a to-die-for Rochas bag at oh….70% off retail. If discount heaven ever existed—this place may very well be it! Oh, and be sure to chat up a sales associate as they are on commission at this joint and will be happy to call you once anything you’re looking for hits the shelves. There’s nothing like first dibs in the Barney’s Outlet! Trust me---this can even be better than their annual warehouse sale---just hook yourself up and watch your shoes multiple. No but, seriously becoming chummy with a Barney’s sale’s associate is the equivalent of marrying your best friend who has an endless wallet. She will keep dragging you out with her to shop even when you’re dead ass broke and will insist you get the Givenchy Shark Tooth Ballet Flats & you buy them even though your credit card is overheating. So my friend, proceed with caution, as this could be a very, very dangerous downward spiral for those with a little less will power.

So take a hop, skip and jump from Barney’s down to our lovely friends at BCBG Max Azria. I don’t know about you but let’s be real---BCBG to me is well, BCBG. BCBG Runway…well now you’re talking & Herve Leger….let’s bust open the champagne & the credit card. We stumbled across an absolutely sickening Herve Leger calf hair black moto jacket originally priced at $4K for just $2K.  Quite possibly the best deal I’ve scored here is a stunning coral Herve Leger bandage dress originally $1350 for just $250! So yes my fellow Cinderella's...dreams really do exist. 


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