Twinzies: In the Big City

Courtney & Chelsey Halligan

Together as twins we come from Kearney, Nebraska. Where’s Nebraska you may ask? Well, just pull out a world map and point to the dead center of the United States and you won’t miss it. For fashion we ventured together to San Diego, California to FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). Since we were young, our mom has been our fashion inspiration. We get the fashion from mom and the artsy side from dad. However, fashion has been something that we have both shared. Together fashion is just not an article of clothing it is made of multiple things that include:  “apparel”, “the accessories”, “the shoes”, “the makeup”, “the hair”,  and pretty much whatever you put on. We call all these pieces “layers”, it is a natural and a fun personal expression. Some may consider it over the top or too much, but it’s just something we are passionate about. To us having 10 bracelets or 5 rings on a hand is not a big deal.  Although, considering this one may gather what is fashion and style exactly? Fashion is a prevailing custom or style, but to have true style as Coco Chanel would say “Fashion fades…only style remains the same.” 

Between the two of us when it comes to less is more, that does not apply. One can always add to an outfit with some creativity. This creativity could be centered on accessories. Adding excessive bracelets, rings, tights, socks, or layering necklaces is a must! Fashion is like a piece of art. The minute details are sometimes the most important. Dimension and detail can always be added by styling extra little pieces to add to the outfit itself. 

So,  in turn, fashion in itself can be taken from the past and modernized with the present. It can be inspired from a piece of art to your favorite bracelet.  Putting a wardrobe together is a creative outlet that can truly express one's feeling and self. Fashion is how both of us are truly inspired whether it be from looking at past designers such as Coco Chanel (Chelsey) or fashion icons like Marie Antoinette (Courtney). Even being at opposite ends of the spectrum somehow we always meet back in the middle.  Layers are a part of each of our looks whether it is in color or black & white. After reading this, one may question what are these twinzies up to? Well, we are on an adventure to discover different brands, styles, and fashions to incorporate into our own unique styles to share with others. Living in San Diego now we have a whole new playground to explore! Let the fashion inspiration begin. 




  1. Great article! Eager to see where the adventure leads these two! Beth

  2. Loved the article and the pictures! Their definition of style and fashion is what I believe we should all live by! :) Brigitte


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