HAPPENINGS: FIDM Innovative Materials Conference

This past week The 5th Annual Innovative Materials Conference was held at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. This interesting event had a variety of interesting materials being show cased. This unique event had materials and fabrics that where so innovative and futuristic. Some of these fabrics included cardigans made from milk, t-shirts and socks that where made from coffee grinds and cork and biodegradable sneakers.

These amazing sneakers where made from recycled cork. They are recycled, reinvented and very fashion forward. 

This incredible dress was made by Jane Bowler. The dress is made from recycled pieces of plastic. Jane Bowler's inspiration was to use everyday materials and to combine them with fashion. This chevron patterned dress is made from 100% recycled hand-dyed plastics.

Janet Hansen

The event started off with Janet Hansen as the guest speaker. Janet Hansen is a designer that specializes with LED lighting incorporated into her clothing and costumes. Janet Hansen has made costumes for Britney Spears, Daft Punk, MIA, Macy Gray, and The Rockettes. Her designs are unique and original.

Macy Gray Jacket


The Innovative Materials Conference also included a dress made from recycled cassette tapes. Not only was this dress made form refused materials but it was also very stylish and functional.

My favorite part of the materials conference would have to be the reflective clothing section. This items are cutting-edge and futuristic. 

Biodegradable Puma shoes that also come in a biodegradable shoe box. Even big brand names such as PUMA are getting involved with new innovative materials.

Biodegradable Shoe Box

High Tech Performance Fabrics
These fabrics are made for clothing that needs to be water resistant, sweat proof, and temperature controlled.Companies such as Adidas and Nike are already using some of these fabrics. 

This Innovative Materials Conference was very refreshing and impressive. It is very fascinating how far the textile industry has gone with some of these materials. These fabrics and materials are definitely going to be used in the future and I can not wait to see people wearing them. 


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