SD STYLE: Valentine's Day Outfit LOVE

Love is in the air...but really because you can smell the perfume/cologne being tried out in every store. Valentine's Day is approaching so fast you can barely say, "Red roses please!". One important detail that people everywhere leave until the last minute is: the Date Outfit. Whether it's a casual day date or a classy formal dinner, the outfit needs to be on point to get your honey in the right loving mood. We've got some ideas to get your fashion-juices movin' and groovin'. Or stylin'? Whatever the term, anyone can create the perfect outfit with a little hint of inspiration.

Cute Casual:

A pale yellow sun dress, jean jacket, loafers, and gold accessories.  One of the reasons I love this set is that though the dress seems simple at first glance, it has some details around the chest, causing what looks like a sweet-heart neckline. Get it, sweat-heart for Valentine's Day? Perfect combo. Anything your significant other has planned for a day date, this outfit will fit almost all occasions. Unless you are going hiking or zip-lining, then this might not be the best dress for you. 

Formal Fancy:

So your boyfriend/husband/significant other has planned a super fancy dinner for just the two of you, but you have nothing to wear. Don't panic because this is an easy fix. Every woman owns at least one LBD (little black dress)and this is the solution. Below is just one of many ways that you can put together a Valentine's Day worthy ensemble using your LBD. Add a pop of color, like shocking red shoes or ruby red lips, and you are sure to make your sweetie swoon. 
And finish it off with a cheetah clutch. The cheetah adds pattern and a little daring to the look. 

I'm hoping these simple ensembles help fuel your own creative Valentine's day outfit fire! Just take this one tip away: Start simple, then build with exciting accessories. Add a bold lip, or pale pink flats. Whatever your little heart desires. You got this. 

Wishing your Valentine's Day is filled with sweet and lovable memories! And by sweet and lovable, I really mean chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. 

-C xx


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