HAPPENINGS: Steam Powered Giraffe

Think Sherlock Holmes meets the Wild, Wild West with a dash of Inspector Gadget. That's exactly what was in store at the La Jolla Playhouse this past Sunday with the Steam Powered Giraffe performance. The Potiker theatre was transformed into a true cabaret environment which set the stage for the interactive performance. Too bad I left my aviator goggles and corset at home but never mind....the crowd came decked out in all their western victoriana which was an interesting performance in itself. Meet Rabbit, Spine, and Hatchworth (in all honesty 3 Grossmont grads who honed their craft at Seaport Village as buskers) whose retro militaristic characters were created by Walter's robotics in the late 1800's (so the story goes).

Rabbit aka Bunny Bennett

Sam Luke

David Michael Bennett

At one point Rabbit joined the cabaret crowd and asked the question of the evening, "Does the superpower come from the costumes"? The more than obvious answer was "OF COURSE"! Their Contemporary vaudeville shtick includes all the requisite dialogue, song & dance one could want and even if steampunk culture wasn't quite something I thought I could get into, I found myself joining the audience singing along to the chorus of  Brass Goggles.....La-da-da-da-da.

The evening included references to Clint Eastwood movies and vintage video games (Oregon Trail & Super Mario Brothers). Would definitely recommend this act as one to experience...one of the most inventive performances I have seen in a while. They will be back for Comi-Con July 18 so get tickets quick as I'm sure it will be a sell-out.


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