HAPPENINGS: San Diego's Most Stylish Man

San Diego has style? Really? And the men in San Diego have style? Seriously....not the last time I checked. Well guess again. Venessa Johnson and her Vixen Pop-Up event set about to smash SD's infamous "no style city" rep for good. In collaboration with Details Matter, the search for San Diego's Most Stylish Man was more than just a showing of biceps and brawn. A Fashion Show, Shopping, Networking, and Socializing for the 300+ who attended at 98 Bottles this past Wednesday was on order and it was all delivered in style. The search began with the nomination of nine San Diego entrepreneurs placing their Bios and Style DNA images on Style Seek and letting their friends and family weigh in on their choices. Meet some of the amazing nominees:

Errol Asuncion is a pile of energy mixed with the most infectious smile. You can catch him out and about on the SD Nightlife Scene and most often hanging out with the Fortune 421 crowd (where he is a partner).

Mark Wills is a SD Entrepreneur and partner in Details Matter. The guy who has conceptualized the current "30 dates in 30 Days" and is showing us all just how to navigate the dating scene creatively and with class. He NEVER stops moving and it is a mystery as to where he gets his amazing energy. That's even at 4:30 am for the Ch.8 am TV clip. Really Mark...without any caffeine?
Tim King is an event and wedding photographer (and also a part of the "30 Dates" experiment). He's got a peculiar way in how he values articles of clothing, assembling things picked up on travels. A little secret...Tim, I loved your competitive attitude and if that counts for anything you ARE SD's Most Stylish Man. Tim really went all out for the event with not only a mask meant for a suave Batman but a metal case that I was certain James Bond (the Roger Moore version) had carried.
Oliver Lang....without a doubt the most confident in his personal style (and incredibly polished). Both his travel and upbringing (originally from S. Africa) have groomed his style which he says combines 1970s Colombian drug lord meets Native American hippie pirate with a splash of Frank Sinatra. Yes...wow.
Dean Hall. The most understated and adorable stylish guy you will ever meet. Celebrity fashion stylist, creative director, TV style expert, brand ambassador, and image consultant, he brings an immaculate edge to fashion styling. Dean pairs his trademark bow tie with glamorous looks; he makes styling look natural.
Randall Byers...if this photo doesn't say it all! Randall reeks fashion style and always dresses to the nines regardless of the situation. He makes 'dressing up' look like a walk in the park. Take that SD guys who say it's all about that laid back vibe.
Taylor Luebkeman: Born and raised in San Jose, moved to San Diego in 2007. Studied Business Management at SDSU and graduated in less than 4 years. He works at a start-up music marketing firm called Skoollive Inc as VP of Tour Operations. Taylor is lucky...being genetically blessed as tall and lanky, it's hard for him to take a misstep in fashion choices.  
Nominees were rounded out with the final candidates Andre Kwan (Mortgage consultant), and Mike Robinson who you can see most often as a fixture at Bailiwick. I spotted many of those who support Fashion Style efforts in San Diego, all dressed to the nines for the evening. Cindy Matalucci from The Pulse SD covered the event with a live stream creating an amazing build up to the event. The evening's favorite shopping opportunity came with Immanuel Ontiveros' Lord Wallington brand of ties (mostly bow ties). The selection is creative and quirky...even the guys who had never thought they could rock the look went home with one.
OK so big build up. And the winner IS......DEAN HALL. Dean not only showed us how to make the pre-runway look effortless with his high low mix, but his 'final look' featuring red denim and stripe smoking slippers (of course all topped off with that requisite bow tie) won the judges over.
Thanks to Venessa Johnson, my fellow judges and of course the amazing nominees (who all competed in the spirit of the event) for making this one of San Diego's Most Stylish events in every way!


  1. We should have been invited to this competition.
    Not bad though.


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