De Marcus Media Party

We are all used to the common fashion and media parties, light gatherings with maybe a small social buzz, and the hype is generally over after the main show. That was far from the status of the Media and Fashion Show hosted by Boutique De Marcus this past weekend in downtown!

Boutique De Marcus premiered the season's ready to wear cocktail dresses, dress shirts, and bridal gowns. With an open bar, and a VIP guest list, San Diego's fashion presence was celebrated for its energy energy it gives and the unique spirit. The atmosphere was enhanced by watching the guests  enjoying their night out dressed up in their favorite outfits.

With a packed room, a DJ blasting music all night and the excitement of the anticipated show, the energy created and the vibe shared made it into a real Saturday night out. It's not often you see the attendance of a show remain high after the fashion show itself is over, but the crowds stayed strong and the runway turned into a dance floor soon after the last model walked.

The designs themselves where a treat to the eye, with a theatrical presentation, the strong embellishments lit up the runway creating an overall elegant show. The cocktail dresses gained the most reaction, giving off a playful 'Mouline Rouge' type attitude.

With a strong runway, you're calling for an even stronger styled audience. Tonight was a night to dress to impress; calling out a variety of styles.

Overall it was a great night. Mixing the energy of the weekend with respect to Fashion and Design, it  came to create a strong evening of fashion and fun. Fashion is best when celebrated and appreciated amongst friends and family, creating memories and experiences that go beyond just the runway. 

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