The wildly talented Fashion Stylist Dean Hall shows up to Zanzibar Cafe downtown on a gloomy Monday afternoon showing off his style. He is dressed in a denim jacket with vintage inspired pins, neon colored Nike's, and his SOLO bamboo sunnies (in true San Diego style). As we share a cup of Chai Tea, I learn where he finds his inspiration. Dean draws inspiration from the individuality of the 1960's and 70's where he truly believes the term "vintage" was first coined. Dean states that these two decades brought a certain awareness of expressing an individuals lifestyle, something Dean aspires to do in his work daily. Another important aspect to Dean is understanding that through his work as a fashion stylist his ultimate goal is to build a signature stamp much like the individuals he admires and who influence him (such as Rachel Zoe, Donald Trump, Tom Ford, Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna just for the sake of namedropping). In addition to outside influences, a lot of his creativity is stimulated with merging high end fashion with affordable fashion, "I can take a pair of Prada shoes, combine them with a Gap t-shirt and make it look cool". For instance, Dean's favorite items in his wardrobe are his collection of Happy Socks and a Balenciaga sweatshirt. The mixing and matching is just half the fun for Dean, making his clients happy is the other half. 

Why should you know about Mr. Dean Hall? Probably because he's going to be a big freakin' deal, that's why. He has worked behind the scenes styling shows on VH1 such as Basketball Wives Seasons 2-4 and Making Mr. Right and is currently waiting for a "hush hush" series to begin for his third styling gig with the television network. As a brand ambassador for Blacktie Underground, you will see Dean rocking some fierce bow ties during fashion segments on Fox 5 San Diego. Dean also operates his own freelance styling company, Mr Top Style 4 U (www.mrtopstyle4u.com), where he offers services such as 101 personal shopping, closet therapy and even complementary PACKING before you travel! By now you probably want to meet Dean and that will not be very difficult to do. Dean has two fashion seminars coming up; a styling workshop at The Art Institute on May 4th and a fashion presentation with the San Diego County Bar Association teaching recent law graduates how to dress for interviews and the workplace on a budget. Dean will also be associated with San Diego Entrepreneur Day in September acting as a correspondent for the event's fashion lounge and is currently in the process of working on a new blog from a stylist's point-of-view. Oops, I must have forgot to mention that he is also developing a sock line in addition to that impressive list above. 

As we leave Zanzibar Dean, gracious as always, shakes my hand and gives me his business card. Later on I read the tag line featured on his card, "Trends Fade But Style is Forever". Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you, Dean Hall has style. 


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  2. ooh! I can't wait for the sock line its going to be amazing! Great interview Jeremy!!!


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