SD Style: Palm Trees & Sea Breeze

Going down to Pacific Beach this time of year is like going on Safari. Local and migrating wildlife co-existing in their natural habitat. Colorful bryds everywhere, Tanned peacocks clucking out their mating rituals in a vivid display of beaks, feathers, and skin. It's like the Wild Animal Park, but with beer...

01. Raen- Arkin(Crystal Rose)   02. Nixon- The Small Kensington

03. Beach Riot- Lestrange Top(Palm)   03.5 Beach Riot- Elva Bottom(Palm) 

 04. Topshop- Hawiian Boat Print Sundress   05. Aloha Sunday- Istanbul Pestemal

06. Stanely & Sons- Bank Bag   07. Toast- Suede Fringed Sandals

08. Madewell- Friendship Bracelet    09. Electra- Amsterdam Classic 31  


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