San Diego Evening Post: Vol. 3

The coming of the Coachella Music Festival heralds the end...the end of all that pure, blissful existence known as Spring Break. It's the home stretch, the time when finals loom and excess amounts of caffeine will be consumed. It's a teaser, a precursor to what we hope our youthful summer will contain, or maybe not.

Seriously though, what's all the buzz over spring break? Is it because of the Spring Breakers film forced fed down our consumerist throats, glamorizing the debauchery of the innocent youth? Or is a true sacred time of escape? 

Why are you asking me? My "Spring Escape" has ended with a poison oak rash irritatingly running up my forearms thanks to a brilliant idea of hiking off trail. I'm going to "escape" to a hot oatmeal bath and some serious contemplation. IDK, maybe it's getting harder to remove our self from society for a time in this digital age so we have fallen to bombarding our senses with supplemental stimulants and throwing ourselves into the middle of the crowd rather then escaping away from it. Side-Note: if you're at Coachella this weekend or next do yourself a favor and DON'T Instagram/Facebook/Twitter while you're there. Enjoy the moment, and savor that experience with the people you spend it with. Experience is sacred, Social Media is not.

Whatever the reason, Spring Break has come and gone. Deadlines are piling up, coffee is brewing and after this weekend it's time to merge back into reality. On the bright side...only two more months till SUMMER! (plus Phoenix is playing tonight so bring your dancing shoes and get down like its 2009). 


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