SD Style: Viva La Revolucion!

I've been on a Spaghetti Western trip for a quick minute (NetFlix has a fair selection, "Death rides a Horse", "Once upon a time in the West", "My Name is Nobody", etc.) and last night was The Mercenary by Sergio Corbucci. A killer film by the man that brought us Django, not the Tarentino one but the 1966 classic. What makes this film unique in this genre of film's is the period/time is supposed to be taking place. Its set during the Mexican Revolution(1910-1920) so the costuming is much more unique in its blend of early 19th century European dandy and Mexican work-wear.. With the South of the boarder fun creeping up on the 5th, beware of banditos lurking in the dark watering holes of North Park, armed not with pistols, but with buck-thorn sling-shots.
01. Brixton- Tiller Hat   02. Buckthorn Sling Shot   03. Mister Freedom- "El Loco" Jacket

04. Kapital- Thin Canvas Craftsmen Pants   05. Mister Freedon- Ranchiero Shirt

06. Levi's Vintage- Rose Belt   07. Makr- Sketchbook   08. Fisher Space Pen- .375 Cartridge Pen

09. Tender Co.- Crepe Sole Boots   10. Stanley & Sons- Mailbag


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