TASTEMAKERS: Espana Garcia

"No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist." - Oscar Wilde
I feel I am an artistic person but when I put paint to canvas, it never really pans out. I thank those who are able to put their wildest visions & dreams into something beautiful. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in these people's heads and when I was able to get inside one gorgeous girl's mind and soul, I liked what I saw. Who would have thought so much talent could be packed in someone so small, but Espana Garcia is packing a punch! We sat down and she filled me in on what she is working on and some upcoming shows that will fill your senses.

Espana has been painting for about two and a half years and still considers herself a beginner. In my eyes she is far beyond that. People always ask her where she gets her inspiration; I mean the everyday person doesn't just think of putting a gumball machine on a girl's head. She never really knew what to say to this until she realized that her ability to have irrelevant concepts all the time have become a solution to her ideas.

Espana is fortunate enough to have met so many rad people in her life who support what she does 100%, and that is a big plus when doing something you love. She feels a great revival in art with people being constantly curious, and in this case curiosity doesn't kill the cat.

Now that you have had a chance to get to know and probably become curious yourself about this vivacious young woman, here are two shows you can see her work in:

May 5th (yes, Cinco de Mayo) there will be a show at the Cultural Center in Balboa Park with live music and of course some tequila to celebrate being Mexican or just wishing you were. Some other great artists will be there showcasing their work as well so it should be an overall good time party.

May 18th, the Spot in Barrio Logan will be having a themed show, "Spirit Animal", and who knows if your lucky you will find yours there!

Espana believes her spirit animal is a Unicorn but she said for some reason she felt drawn to paint a shark....Maybe this is your Spirit Animal and you can grab this masterpiece at the show! I promise that meeting Espana and checking out her artwork will be a life changer. This girl is full of life and may challenge you to a dance off, so get ready to fall in love!


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