SD Style: Drinks at the Bali Hai

Since its creation in 1955, the Bali Hai has become an iconic San Diego experience. In my youth, I was terrified of the "baker with the sharp teeth" that stands on the roof of the restaurant. Thinking that there really was a evil baker who cooked little kids or something. I guess I was partly correct to be afraid of the place, but for different reasons. The Mai-Tais being concocted beneath the baker (note: literally right below the place where the baker's head stands) are the stuff of legend. Seriously, they're really good but will knock you on your ass...

01. Blue Blue Japan- Okura Sunglasses   02. Brixton- Natalyn Hat   03. Raen- Volant Sunglasses

04. Beams+ - 3 Button Blazer   05. Dana Lee- Navy Crosshatch Shirt   06. Crazy Wind Co.- Dress

07. Billy Kirk- Half Moon Wristlet   08. Sassafras- Sprayer Stream Pant   09. IL Bisonte- Watch

10. Nasty Gal- Picnic Clutch   11. Nixon- Watch   12. Madwell- Sandal   

13. Yuketen- Country Ranger


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