HAPPENINGS: Warehouse 1425

Imagine what would happen if over 30 street artists were given the opportunity to take over an abandoned warehouse and then get busy creating and collaborating? Even better...what if they could throw a one night Pop-Up event and host a party where the San Diego community was invited? That's exactly what Chris Konecki, the mastermind behind Warehouse 1425, pulled off on May 17.
Chris Konecki
Staged in the old Jerome's furniture warehouse space in East Village, the event set out to also show what is possible in an area otherwise considered run down and undesirable. Ironic that the space sits directly across the street from the SD Police Dept. The art (a combination of street tagging, found object installations, and interactive exhibits) was served up in an amazing larger than life scale with the premise that art should be explored and art exhibits can be more than just a drive-by experience. While some naysayers saw this as a rip-off of the Parachute Factory event held in Feb, in reality many of the same artists particiated and had a larger canvas to experiment with.

 NEKO "Choke" "Slvts"

Chris Konecki- Interactive Birdhouse

Bradford Lynn- Cosmic Fast Food 

Mr. Dvice 

 Lots more amazing art pieces to share but it would be ridiculously stupid not to mention how interesting the crowd was. Typically a hipster scene, this event drew families and business execs, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Even local artists not a part of the curated Warehouse group showed up to support their peeps. The line to enter was wrapped around the building most of the night as the music acts created an amazing best party in town atmosphere (and it was!).

Katherine Brannock "Finhead Blesses the Wave"

Diekuts Rustic Hack Shack

As if the Art and Music and interesting Crowd wasn't enough, all guests were invited to add their own creative touch to the interactive graffiti wall before exiting. (Can you see the blue flower in the middle we added?) San Diego was treated to a night to remember...a big THANK YOU to all the artists who contributed to making this such a successful event. And Thank you to David Del Valle my partner in crime for the evening who helped with some amazing images. Let's cross our fingers and hope that this is the beginning of many more Art Experiences like this to come.  


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