SD Style: Sleepy Tuesday

Around 75 percent of the work I do gets done in the clothing I slept in. Add that to the 25 percent of a 24 hour day sleeping and a realization strikes in. I am in my sleepwear like WAY too much to not be wearing proper PJs (I'm not a math major so don't ask me to figure out hours of sleepwear compared to daywear). Now that Andy Spade's (Co- founder of Partner & Spade, Jack Spade, Kate Spade) newest venture Sleepy Jones makes radical pajamas and other sleepwear, I can class up my "workwear" to something more "business" savvy.

01. Le Kraft- Refillable Notebook   02. Drift Eyewear- Atticus   03. Kaweco- Fountain Pen

04. Reclaimed Branch Colored Pencils   05. Cereal- Vol. 2   06. The Gourmand- Issue No. 1

07. Darling- Issue No. 3   08. Chemex- Coffeemaker   09. Sleep Jones- Marina Top

10. Shino Takeda- Wood Fired Ceramic Mug   11. Riudavets- Avarcas Sandals

12. Sleep Jones- Tauba Shorts   13. Handsome Coffee


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