Sounds: Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy creates amazingly beautiful and memorable pop music. It seems to dance through space and time, not stopping to allow a our classifying culture to nail its influences to a specific era. Whatever...

Then they came out with this killer two part video series for "We have Everything" and "Peripheral Visionaries" off their 2011 LP " Shapeshifting" which in my book's is two of the best animated music videos.

But that's old news, It's 2-0-1-3 so... yes Young Galaxy is preping to drop a new LP April 23rd, and it's totally shaping up to be another good one. As if it was difficult to nail them down before( see, here I go trying to classify them). The three tracks from the LP "Ultramarine" that have sneaked out onto the interweb will have your head spinning.

First there is "Pretty Boy" which leads the trifecta. Nothing outragious here, sounds as if it coulda been added from "Shapeshifting"

Then there is the tropical- electronical track "Fall For You" which glows in shades of golden ombre like the sunset over Misson Bay

Finally "New Summer" lazily drifts by with Catherine McCandless vocals floating over the rolling swells of synths that reverberate through the heartstrings " we howl at the moooon..."


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