Sounds: The Knife

Remember back when all the cool kids were listening to the Knife and told you you wouldn't get it because its all like from Sweden and shit? Then that one dude covered their track with only a guitar and got like a major deal from Sony to use it to sell TVs. Ironically the Knife boycotted their appearance on the Swedish Grammys as protest against a dude- controlled music industry. And some dude made a ton of money covering their song. Anyhow they haven't released a new record in like- seven million blog years(seven real years) until April 9th.

Even cooler is that the Knife haven't tried to meld their way back into the current electronic world, instead sticking to their sound as if they just thawed from an iceberg where they lay frozen inside since the Paleolithic era; and as someone merging from a icy sleep they sound a little colder, a little more industrial and a little more.... awesome...


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