SD Style: Artisanal Minimalist

Glazed ceramics and stoneware are this year's reclaimed wood. It's SUPER cool. Well at least I think so. Not JUST because its WAY trendy, because it's genuinely rad. Unlike metals, each piece of ceramic/stoneware has to be shaped by hand; i.e. hand-made. While metal are cast (most of the time) so they tend to look all perfect-like and mechanic therefore mass produced and not so personal...

01. Fog Linen Works " Tia " Tunic             02. Shwood " Oswald " Zebrawood Sunglasses 

03. JUJUMADE Necklace           04. JUJUMADE x Brook & Lyn Crescent Ceramic Ponytail Barrette

05. JUJUMADE Leather & Ceramic tote   06. JUJUMADE " Dots" Bangle 

07. JUJUMADE " Garfield" Bangle           08. Imogene + Willie "Pontes" Trouser

09. Leather Sandals


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