OBJECTS: Artisenal Minimalism

It's officially spring. NOW is the time to get rid of that god-awful Lazy Boy that's been hanging around since collage; seriously, that thing is gross. Speaking of purging, maybe you should purge that 311 poster too, wait you should just evaluate that whole decor situation. It's 2013, minimal is the new maximal, and what better way to show off that your like SOOOO in by getting down on the newest decor trend (i.e. Artisenal Minimalism). Just make sure that the 52" plasma is wall mounted with the cables run internally. Nothing murders a minimalistic spaces harder then exposed cables...

01. School-House Electric & Supply- Factory Light No. 4 Cable Pendant  

02. Doug Johnston- Utility Pail   03. TW Workshop- Cobalt Hanging Pot 

04. Blu Dot- Real Good Copper Chair   05. Pigeon Toe Ceramics- Pebble Salt & Pepper Shakers

06. Doug Johnston- Torse   07. Blue Blue- HR remake patchwork Bear  

08. Winsome Brave- Equilateral Nails   09. Shino Takeda- Ceramic Cup(brown)

10. Shino Takeda- Ceramic Cup(Indigo)   11. Shino Takeda- Ceramic Bowl

12. L-Lamp- Taupe   13. Blu Dot- Toro Lounge Chair   14. Blu Dot- Toro Ottoman


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