San Diego Evening Post: Vol. 2

It's Friday, but not just any Friday. It's Good know, the Friday before Easter. Despite this fact, this isn't going to be an Easter post. Seriously it's not because I'm not a fan of Easter. I'm wickedly allergic to eggs, so celebrating a holiday where you paint, search for, and digest those unsightly oval objects turns my stomach. Instead this volume of the evening post is about magazines. You know those things made from paper that we used to read to get information BEFORE ipads. I know right, did a time like that exist? Well, there still are a few of these publications floating around the non-interweb for your visual consumption.


Riviera is a semi-local publication that's been floating around for a while. Their newest issue is about the most stylish guys in San Diego; i.e a lot of good looking men in well cut suits. However they missed Homeless Joe from down on 12th street. That dude's KILL'N it. Every single trend out there; that dude's pioneering. Shorts over pants, blanket used as a scarf/poncho, broken in fedora and high top kicks, check, check, check; dudes like, WAY cool. Shit, have you seen that dude's cardboard box? It's got a tarp over hang! The SELBY should be shooting this dude.

Locale magazine has got the right idea. Smoking hot dirty blonde on the cover, DAMN. Even smarter is that they don't put her spread until the end of the mag. Making you peel through all the articles about local eats and hangouts before you can get to the cream filling.


Those Aussie's put together some killer ass material when it comes to hipster centric topics. Whole Larder Love, Smith Journal, Oyster Magazine, just to name a few. Frankie Magazine fills in a unique niche in the print market. Like if Hemingway and Woody Allen mixed their genes into a Chloe Sevigny love child who grew up in Portland. She would be Frankie.


There is no other magazine out there that has had more influence on my friends' lifestyle then Kinfolk. Thanks to this mag my instagram feed is cluttered with artful images of food. Seriously though, Kinfolk is rad. They include more then just food. Their spring '13 issue is dedicated to Ice Cream. How cool is that! Plus, there is a really good article on Ariele Alasko (she's a bad ass chick who's a better carpenter then I ).

Had to save the best for last. This magazine F@#KING RULES!!! So if you haven't heard of it then you need to leave whatever desert island you've been living on, and get your ass a copy. Inventory is like an intellectual's guide to #menswear, especially all those cool underground brands from Japan. This issue(spring/summer 13) highlights Keizo Shimizu who's the prez over at NEPENTHES. If you don't know NEPENTHES (Engineered Garments, Needles, South 2 West 8, to name a few) then again get off that desert island NOW! and get researching.

All in all print isn't quite dead yet. So get out, support your local news stand, and enjoy the weekend.


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