San Diego Evening Post- vol. 1

It’s going to be sunny and 80 degrees this weekend. When we have a weekend like this in March it is practically begging for everyone to come out and play. That’s the rad part about living in such a paradise. Shit, there are even parrots that wake me up squawking out my window in the morning. I’m pretty sure that unless you live in the jungle you are not going to enjoy hearing that squawk at 6 A.M. Seriously guys? 6 a.m.? Sun- Mon? Assholes… 

With all the bird rants aside, sunny Saturdays should be spent one of two places, Balboa Park or the beach. Since opening day is creeping up on us, I highly endorse a game or two of wiffle ball. The great thing about wiffle ball besides it being an American past time and whatnot is that it is CHEAP. I mean you can get a bat and wiffle ball for 5 bones. No, you don’t need to drop 35 bucks on a hand-sewn Chromexcel leather lemon-peel baseball (they exist) to have hours of fun taking out all that pent up aggression from the week on a plastic sphere; plus if you can’t get a full team together then you could just play “over the line” with a buddy or two. 

If the thought of hitting plastic balls all day doesn’t get you foaming at the mouth for the weekend (Stop being so un-Patriotic, it America’s pastime) then I’d hit the surf. Seeing as though I can’t surf due to some unfortunate metal “ strategically “ placed inside my knee I’m forced skip the hang –tens and go straight surfing how Mother Nature intended, WITH MY F***ING BODY! Hopefully I can grab hold of some driftwood or something to give my beanpole of a body something for the wave to actually push…
All jokes aside just get outside and enjoy the sunshine.


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