Twinzies: Shopping for Layers

One of our all time favorite spots to shop for layers is Wynk boutique. It is located in Kearney, Nebraska, but is also available via their website at Wynk Boutique and on Facebook. Layering is a must for any occasion and mixing and matching is what its all about. Wynk is a very special and individualized little store because it carries a variety of brands such as True Religion, Ryu, Hudson, TOMS, All Saints, Virgins Saints & Angels, Wild Fox, Chan Lu, Free People, Old Gringo, Joe's, and much more. One can even shop their vintage finds found and brought in from California! Wynk is a place we love because it carries a wide selection, but provides us with an area to express that thing that is essential; a fashion statement. 

A key decision for us when picking out the perfect outfit for any occasion is loving what you are wearing and layering the key pieces. You don't need to wear designer pieces head to toe; you can add unknown vintage pieces as well! Key pieces for each of us include a pair of fabulous Old Gringo Boots (A San Diego company), the various accessories (Juicy Couture bracelets, Virgins Saints and Angels, antique vintage unknown pieces, etc.), scarves, Kippy's belts also a SD based company owned by Bob Kipperman, leggings (from Free People, Ryu, Rock Rose, Victoria's Secret, 6126, etc.),  and head bands (Bando).
Part of what inspires each of us is doing the unexpected. Mixing brands is a fun way to bring something exciting to an outfit. Looking to the past for vintage finds is a great way to renew it again.  Never put limits on what is in and out; you can always wear your items again in a fun and new way! Featured above are some vintage touches except with a darker edge. This edge includes soft touches such as a lace Free People skirt that is brand new, but accented with a scarf for a fun accessory that is normally worn as a bandana. Layering is what its all about even if it means mixing something that wouldn't normally be considered one. This darker touch of layering is accented with accessories and a red lip. That is what makes up part our what we call "layer upon the unexpected layers."
"It's a new era in fashion-there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together." --Alexander McQueen


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