SD STYLE- Range Life

I'm so hyped over Wes Lang right now. Forget the fact that he did all the artwork for Kanye West's YEEZUS tour, The Grateful Dead's "Spring 1990" Box set Artwork ( I'm not a Dead-Head but the artworks killer), A collab with Rolex, had a DICE MAG issue dedicated to him, etc. Basically HOMEBOY IS KILLING IT! He did this collab a while back with INDIGOFERA( don't' worry, I didn't know anything about the brand either) Where they made some some wool blankets with Wes's artwork WOVEN into the blanket, look how intricate that is! So if anyone has 3395 kr. laying around, you need to buy this and give it to me so I can stay warm while I daydream about living a range life.


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