Parachute Factory

I went behind the scenes of my dear friend Carly Ealey’s process for the Parachute Factory art show this past Saturday. The venue (Parachute Factory) where the show was held is an amazing building in the heart of East Village; an historic building that used to be the headquarters for Pacific Parachute Co. that was founded in 1942. Sadly when the war ended so did the need for parachutes and Pacific Parachute Co. But with sadness of something ending comes a whole new use for this great space, and a great art show.

Carly’s piece is a larger than life Kate Moss, so what’s more appropriate than Louis Vuitton.

When the spray paint was on its last leg we made a last ditch effort to make it work so off to Wal-Mart we went (my first time). What an adventure bouncing balls down the halls of the store and buying more candy than should be legal before we headed back to the space to finish up.

Carly's completed masterpiece......
“I thought we might all burst into flames, all the crap we’ve done." – Kate Moss

Here are a few other pieces that I really loved, and done by some great people

Exist 1981


Chris Konecki


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