SD Style- February Sun

All this warm weather is making me stir crazy to hit the beach. What better way to soak up this rare winter sun while indulging on a local watermelon from the market. That is unless the melon's been filled with Fugu Vodka and stored in the freezer for a day... Come on, I'd never bring glass onto the beach.

01. Raen "Arkin" Sunglasses                        02. Watermelon                            03. Fugu Vodka

04. Reyn Spooner "Kilohana" button down                               05. UNIV "Mascot" Sweatshirt

06. Brixton "Beacon" Boardshorts                              07. Master Piece "Mastertex Canvas tote

08. DC Shoe Co. "Pool LE" Shoe                                                09. KOOKBOX Beach Towel


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