Makers, Entrepreneurs and Rolling Stones

I've always liked the proverb "a rolling stone gathers no moss." Feeling the words akin to the way I lived my life for so many years. Call it what you like; avoidance of responsibility etc. I've heard it all. I'd like to equate the "moss" to a type of stagnation, referring to those who keep moving are never lacking for fresh ideas or creativity. 

Taking on new roles as entrepreneur, wife of an entrepreneur and mother to two; picking up my life to find a creative spark isn't the most realistic way to live.

But I am never lacking. I have to admit, starting The Habitat Factory has been the most creatively rewarding and mentally challenging project I have ever taken on. This is the road I have always imagined myself travelling down. Like a good backpacking trip, there have been pot holes, injuries, crazy hitchhikers, lost friends, and so many amazing new ones. 

The makers I've had the privilege to meet and work with keep me inspired, beyond my wildest ideas of hitting the open road with my man and two babes in tow. All of our rewards and struggles are the same, like-minded and forever connected through a mutual, conceptual vision. To share the slow cooked, handmade, richly beautiful, from dusk till dawn, savoring every last second, real life. 


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