SD Style x Sounds: Neon & Leather

Imagine my surprise when I walked into my Father's office to hear Dirty Beaches A Hundred Highways playing. "FAR OUT! Dad, you listen to Dirty Beaches!" I exclaimed. Of course though, it was just internet radio and my father was clueless on who Dirty Beaches actually is.

(Readers Digest Version)
In the vein of Junior Kimbrough, Alex Zhang Hungtai aka Dirty Beaches makes music that sprawls along the bowels of society in a minimalistic manner drawing emphasis to every sound, tone, and scream of its sound scape. While his 2011 record Badlands had a distinctly American feel to it. Make no mistake that Dirty Beaches music wonders, with no country to call its own.

01. Oliver People- Gregory Peck Glasses   02. Flathead- Mid-length Wallet   03. Schott- Biker Jacket

04. Best Made Co.- Patch   05. Self Edge- Zippo Lighter   06. Kapital- "Chief" Bandana

07. Waste(twice)- Aloha Shirt   08. Kapital- "Thunder Kilim" Socks   09. Best Made Co.- Knife

10. UnMarked- Boots   11. Iron Heart- 9634 Straight "Super Black" jeans


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