San Diego Evening Post Vol. 4

Denim is so bad ass. Raw, ridged, worn, no matter what state the cloth is in, we San Diegans love it. The Levi's Vintage line is kill'n it right now in the market place; but who wants to pay $375-495 for a "heavily worn" pair, DAMN. I mean, I've still got my pair of 501's that have been glued to my legs for the past 3 years (only washed once) and they have gnarlier wear than the a fore mentioned trousers; and on the bonus side they fit like a glove and have been through the sandy beaches of Point Loma, rain on HWY 1, hill bombs in Golden Hill and everything in between. Now, after being patched 21 times with a mix of leather, canvas, corduroy and whatever other cloth I had on hand at the time, they seem like they might be ready for retirement. F@#K that, it's time to bust out the old needle and thread and get down with number 22.

This whole denim craze in fashion right now with hand "repaired" clothing so matches my steez. The raddest by far is the incorporation of BORO textiles applied with SASHIKO stitches. Boro is loosely used to describe numerous pieces of rags or cloth patched together while Sashiko (Little Stabs) is a simple running based stitch using cotton thread. The combination of these two techniques has been used by numerous cult-y Japanese labels such as KAPITAL or BLUE BLUE JAPAN.

If going to Japan to pick up some crazy repaired denim is asking a little much, then pick up a good ol' needle and some cotton quilting thread (I found 1000 yard roll for a dollar at the thrift store, SCORE) channel you inner quilting grandma, and go to town on that favorite pair of blue jeans that you refuse to let die.
"The Old Faithfuls"


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