Objects: White Coffee

Black Coffee is SOOOO two months ago, white coffee is total cool. Just watch Jean-Luc Godard's film A Woman Is A Woman. The opening sequence is Anna Karina walking into a Parisian cafe and ordering a white coffee LIKE IT AIN'T NO THANG! Considering its a Godard film( french equivalent of a Woody Allen film) means that its got MADD cool points. I want to see some manly man at In Fluxx order a "white coffee"... that would be EPIC!!!

01. Stampd- All White American Flag   02. Faribault- Wool Throw   03. Chimala- Military Parka

04. Arpenteur- Brehat shirt   05. Kaptain Sunshine- Ice Carrier Tote   06. Hansel from Basel- Socks

07. G. Wiseman- Pocketknife   08.  Japanese Pottery- Beer Mug   09. Japanese Pottery- Cup

10. Tretorn- Nylite Gullwing Shoes   11. Pocketo- Bike/Picnic Basket

12. Saikai- Coffee Pot


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